Terms & conditions

Please note that the use of EGID is primarily to help respect physical (social) distancing measures advised by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Other hygiene and public health measures, including handwashing and respiratory etiquette, remains strongly recommended. The EGID badge is intended for indoor use only. EGID is fitted with a magnetic body fastening system and must not be worn by a person with a pacemaker at any time unless the attachment system is changed for a safety pin. For optimal efficiency, it is recommended to avoid a sudden temperature change of more than 3 degrees Celsius. Includes a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

EGID may issue unwarranted alerts in more confined spaces, such as private homes or small offices, due to the presence of devices that can cause heat contrasts. Thus, a floor lamp, a stove, an electric baseboard, a fireplace, a television, a sunny window or a computer screen, for example, could cause false positives. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use EGID in larger spaces.